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CEIP San Walabonso (Niebla). Página de proyectos para el área de inglés.


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ESL Printables, the website where English Language teachers exchange resources: worksheets, lesson plans, activities, etc. Our collection is growing every day with the help of many teachers. If you want to download you have to send your own contributions.


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Generate your own grammar worksheets.
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Grammer sheets ready to use.
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Input, explantions and tests from BBC English.
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Posters & worksheets (Primary)
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Interactive grammar lessons using flash
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Vocabulary games for kids (Primary)


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Listenings with scripts : song lyrics, stories, features, poetry.
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Film trailers with a summary, script, links, levels and a cloze test.
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Songs, Jokes, Grammar revision for your students' ipods. (Secondary)
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Download and listen to English anywhere. (Secondary)
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A plethora of listening exercises
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Listening activities for all (Batx. & Adults)
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Conversational English (Bat. & Adults)


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A multitude of classroom speaking activities.
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Cooperative webased correction to progress with speaking skills.(Adults)
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Talk with the world. Free videoconferencing programme.
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Conversational questions (ESO +)
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Class conversation starters (Secondary)
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Theatre scripts Ready-made theatre. (Primary)
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Dinner for one A sketch to act out. (Batx. & Adults)


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The Story of St. George: in Power Point (4MB) ; in Word (4MB) ; on video (1 min.)
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Coping with Bullying at school. (Staff)
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Create a 3D game for your students to play. (All levels)
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Resources from an ELT blog.
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Play Scrabble Online: Solitaire, Blitz or by E-mail
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Build a wall of words. Sentence building (Primary and ESO1+2.)
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Exploit English literature in the ELT classroom. (Primary & Secondary)
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Subtitled song videos for classroom or outside school. (ESO)
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Ready to go webquest based on making an advert. (ESO 1 & 2)
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Read about celebrities. Actors, actresses, TV stars, Royalty, they're all here. (ESO +)
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Quickies for the busy teacher. Click and print worksheets on Vocab., Reading, Grammar...
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Pilgrim's humanistic approach Articles, Jokes, Lesson Outlines on all aspects of ELT. (Teachers)


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Create your own brochure, newspaper, flyer, booklet
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Cooperative webased correction to progress with writing skills. (Adults)
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Free download to enable user friendly webquest writing.
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Pupils can write short scripts for their own movie clip. (Primary & ESO)
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Easy to use blog space. (All)
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Penpals / Keypals to write to (Primary + ESO)
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Ready-to-use worksheet prompts for essays (ESO)
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A host of guided writing activities (ESO)

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